Written by Bharrat Jagdeo, former president of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and published on guardian.co.uk on Monday 21 September 2009 17.45 BST.

Jagdea talks about the need for a Copenhagen deal to enable countries like Guyana to generate an income by conserving forests rather than cutting them down

PS. Awesome pic with of Bharrat Jagdeo and Harrison Ford together.

Power Sockets

I asked Google what Power Sockets Guyana use:

Guyana uses type A, B, D and G electrical plugs with a voltage of either 110 V or 220 V at 60 Hz. In cases where 110 V current is used, you can expect to find type A and B outlets whereas in cases where 220 V current is used, you can expect to find either type D or G. However, voltages and the frequency of current fluctuate extensively.  So, it’s important to verify before plugging in any sensitive electronics.

Source: http://travelero.us/which-electrical-plugs-and-voltages-are-used-in-guyana/

I ask my Uncle what Power Sockets Guyana use:

"Dis one - . Unless your building is old, then it’s anyones guess.”